San Francisco- The in between- 2009

The in between, you gotta love it. At least I do. This was the second half of my in between from leaving Cayman in June of 2009 to my new adventure in Hawaii beginning in August. When booking my flight to the Big Island it was cheaper for me to book two different flights. Also... Continue Reading →

In this moment…

There is a very real side to this lifestyle I have chosen, every now and again you have a bad week, especially after coming back from a solo vacation. Part of my purpose for writing this blog is to share my full journey, not just the places I have visited. By the time I arrived... Continue Reading →

Athens and Athanasios…Part 2

Athanasios is an editor/translator working on a book for a Korean War Vet. He is helping to write this mans' memoir. To my understanding not many exist and that this has been quite the process. We ended up meeting around nine and walked to his place to see the view of Athens at night and... Continue Reading →

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