You’re not drinking???

Worldwide, drinking alcohol was the seventh-leading risk factor for early death in 2016, accounting for about 2 percent of deaths in women and 7 percent of deaths in men. For people ages 15 to 49, alcohol consumption was tied to 4 percent of deaths for women and 12 percent for men in 2016. With that... Continue Reading →

The In-Between- Time of Transformation

I am almost twelve years into living the life of a cooking gypsy, scared as hell but ready to pursue my soul passion. Life is currently forcing me to slow down and reflect on decisions that have been made and why. I am being put in a place where I am forced to face myself,... Continue Reading →

#MeToo and bullying…

I kept quiet pretty quiet during this time, though I did feel a rage of anger deep inside me. You might ask why am I bringing this up now almost a year later? Earlier this week during my morning walk, a man in his car driving to work decides to pull over and jack off... Continue Reading →

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