A New Kind of Woman

You may or may not have noticed but there is a new kind of woman being born. She is the kind of woman who creates her own life outside of societies expectation of what a woman's role is based on hundreds of years in history. She is not afraid to experience or do life alone.... Continue Reading →

Evening Rain Farm, Big Island- 2012

These photos mark a day in May of 2012 I had the pleasure of hanging out and cooking with a good buddy and friends at a sustainable farm in Pahoa, Hawaii. It is located on the Big Island near a big Papaya Farm by the name of Evening Rain Farm. Almost all the food you... Continue Reading →

Mister Chicken

I live on Grand Cayman where seeing chickens wander is as common as seeing squirrels hunting for nuts on a fall day in New England, if not more so. It is not uncommon to see them wandering around in grocery store parking lots, restaurant grounds or though the streets of Georgetown. Tourists find them to... Continue Reading →

Emergency Room Logic

This past week I had the unfortunate event of being bitten by a dog. 7 punctures, 3 of them fairly deep. I was required to return to the emergency room for an IV for 2 days after the bite. In which of course I did. They wanted me to return for another bandage change, but... Continue Reading →

Good Morning Kalani…

I woke up to an array of bright and exquisite colors this morning after arriving to the magical sound of coqui frogs and the dark of night, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible beauty that filled my eyes and heart. The grounds are full of trees, flowers and other plants. Everything is so... Continue Reading →

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