Part 2-Across the USA with Gracie- The In-Between, PCH- The Grand Canyon-2014

After a couple fun days in Redondo Beach visiting with old friends and exploring the other beaches, it was time to head up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Franciso. I gotta say although it was not a favorite for Kat to drive, but it was part of the trip I truly enjoyed especially as... Continue Reading →

Part 1, Driving Across the USA with Gracie- The In Between- 2nd-2014

I love my in betweens as much as my destinations. The time is used to reconnect with friends and family before heading off on my next crazy adventure. One of my many blessings is that I have incredible friends and family. Rarely do I get turned down when I inquire to visit, being a great... Continue Reading →

El Castillo, Costa Rica-2014

February 14, 2014, I left Grand Cayman for the second time and to be honest I never thought I would return here again especially after all I went through before leaving. Previous to Grand Cayman, I was working on Little Cayman. I sold my car and moved away from the life I was building on... Continue Reading →

Painted Church- Big Island 2009

The "Painted Church" located on Mauna Loa since 1902, in Captain Cook on Painted Church Road. One of my favorite things to explore when traveling is churches, does not matter what denomination, I am always mesmerized. Looking at the outside of the church you could never expect to experience what you might see when you... Continue Reading →

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