In August of 2013, I visited Cuba for the first time ever with my daughter. It was before America loosened up its policy for Americans to travel there. She flew here to Grand Cayman where I was between jobs and we flew from GC. I remember how nervous we both were that she would be... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day #50, Still Single

Another Valentine's Day has arrived and soon to follow my 51st Birthday. I am reminded of my single status once again. Growing up as a young girl marriage was very much a part of your future. So much so, if you were not married by the time you turned 40 you were considered an old... Continue Reading →

Coming Out…of the Kitchen

I was in ballet by 3 years old, beauty pagents by 14 and modeling from 15 till I became pregnant at 19. Kindergarten to the day I graduated high school I was bullied by my peers. At home, I was yelled at by the man who raised me when anyone honked their horn, whistled or... Continue Reading →

Mister Chicken

I live on Grand Cayman where seeing chickens wander is as common as seeing squirrels hunting for nuts on a fall day in New England, if not more so. It is not uncommon to see them wandering around in grocery store parking lots, restaurant grounds or though the streets of Georgetown. Tourists find them to... Continue Reading →

Emergency Room Logic

This past week I had the unfortunate event of being bitten by a dog. 7 punctures, 3 of them fairly deep. I was required to return to the emergency room for an IV for 2 days after the bite. In which of course I did. They wanted me to return for another bandage change, but... Continue Reading →

#MeToo and bullying…

#METOO is not just from those being accused now. A bigger issue I feel here needs to be addressed… This is still happening and what are we going to do about it. We must find the strength to speak.

A Cooking Gypsy

I kept quiet pretty quiet during this time, though I did feel a rage of anger deep inside me. You might ask why am I bringing this up now almost a year later? Earlier this week during my morning walk, a man in his car driving to work decides to pull over and jack off while watching me walk, at 7am on a busy public road. Talk about mortified, never mind past memories of similar assaults flashing back.

As a single 50 year old woman in the dating scene, I am also disgusted with the amount of men I have dated who think our bodies are belong to them by the second date. That even though I make it clear I am not after a sexual relationship, they still find ways to try to justify having sex, or they make inappropriate passes at you trying to convince you it is…

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Days like today….

Days like today... I wish I didn't exist. Not a suicidal thought. Just a thought passing through my mind. It has been almost four months since I worked regularly. Three months since I received a paycheck. Friends I thought I had are no longer. Days like today I ask myself what the fuck and why?... Continue Reading →

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