Painted Church- Big Island 2009

The "Painted Church" located on Mauna Loa since 1902, in Captain Cook on Painted Church Road. One of my favorite things to explore when traveling is churches, does not matter what denomination, I am always mesmerized. Looking at the outside of the church you could never expect to experience what you might see when you... Continue Reading →

Evening Rain Farm, Big Island- 2012

These photos mark a day in May of 2012 I had the pleasure of hanging out and cooking with a good buddy and friends at a sustainable farm in Pahoa, Hawaii. It is located on the Big Island near a big Papaya Farm by the name of Evening Rain Farm. Almost all the food you... Continue Reading →

Good Morning Kalani…

I woke up to an array of bright and exquisite colors this morning after arriving to the magical sound of coqui frogs and the dark of night, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible beauty that filled my eyes and heart. The grounds are full of trees, flowers and other plants. Everything is so... Continue Reading →

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