Broken But Whole

In my 35 years of being a chef when you get injured you learn to work through the pain. If you cut yourself you stop the bleeding, repair and get back to work. Well, on August 1, I fell backwards after giving a speech sharing my passion about food. The heel of my shoe got... Continue Reading →

Mister Chicken

I live on Grand Cayman where seeing chickens wander is as common as seeing squirrels hunting for nuts on a fall day in New England, if not more so. It is not uncommon to see them wandering around in grocery store parking lots, restaurant grounds or though the streets of Georgetown. Tourists find them to... Continue Reading →

Emergency Room Logic

This past week I had the unfortunate event of being bitten by a dog. 7 punctures, 3 of them fairly deep. I was required to return to the emergency room for an IV for 2 days after the bite. In which of course I did. They wanted me to return for another bandage change, but... Continue Reading →

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