Part 2-Across the USA with Gracie- The In-Between, PCH- The Grand Canyon-2014

After a couple fun days in Redondo Beach visiting with old friends and exploring the other beaches, it was time to head up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Franciso. I gotta say although it was not a favorite for Kat to drive, but it was part of the trip I truly enjoyed especially as the passenger. I LOVE the California coast and this drive did not disappoint.

The roads along the Pacific Coast twist and turn up and down hills all the while hugging the cliffs that connect to the sea. A really cool phenomenon is the beach where the Elephant Seals choose to mate. There are hundreds of them lining the beaches and bobbing (swimming) in the ocean. I love them and enjoyed the magic or their presence.

Due to the winding roads and the speed you can actually drive, it takes a lot longer than you might think to travel this highway. Hardest part is not stopping at every pull-over stop to take in the beauty and the views. We end up stopping and sleeping in Monterey, California at Monterey Tides right on the beach. What a treat. The waves we huge, they sounded like thunder and felt like a mini earthquake as they crashed. Besides being tired, Gracie was a bit scared, not quite sure what to think of her current surroundings. Kat sent me to fetch us Mexican for dinner, it was the best we laid our lips on, ever. In case you are in the area, La Tortuga, you will not be disappointed. So good we went back for breakfast and she personnaly tipped the chef.

I will call this a fog bow… it appreared after the fog of the morning rolled in.

First stop, La Tortuga, other than an amazing breakfast back at leaving Monterey was Produce Market for fresh veggies and goodies for our next host.

I have been to the San Fracisco area a few times, this was the first time I would be staying within the city. One night here and then off to Vegas to pick up Kat’s hubby. He will be joining us as we visit the Grand Canyon. On our way to Vegas we pulled off to explore the Ghost Town of Claico, once known for silver when prices were almost as high as gold.

Never in a million years did I think I would ever go to Las Vegas. I have never had the desire to visit. It is just not my thing and after being there once, I can continue to say, “It is just not my thing”. Yes I took lots of photos and walked a lot. The lights were beautiful at night and I had a view of the ferris wheel outside my window.

With hubby in tow and their date night over, we hit the road early for the Grand Canyon. I personally have driven through a couple times previous to this trip, one day I would like to camp and explore the bottom. I have always been on my way somewhere. Now, I gotta say one thing about Kat, she sees what she wants to see and she is done. That was one of the quickest tours of the Grand Canyon I had ever experienced. So much so, Doug (hubby) booked a flight to fly over the next morning. Something else about Kat, she hates flying and there was no way in hell she was joining him. I was there for the dog and moral support for Kat if needed. If I remember correctly she hit the spa. I love being with these two and watching them interact, it makes for good entertainment on the road.

Looks like there is going to be a part 3…poor hubby….


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