San Francisco- The in between- 2009

The in between, you gotta love it. At least I do. This was the second half of my in between from leaving Cayman in June of 2009 to my new adventure in Hawaii beginning in August. When booking my flight to the Big Island it was cheaper for me to book two different flights. Also by doing so, I got the bonus of visiting a good friend and old neighbor from Grand Cayman, Elise. One thing Elise and I love to do together is cooking and a good chat over wine.

While visiting with Elise I had the pleasure of connecting with an ex boyfriend I dated back in high school. Eugene was my first true love in high school, he went to Bishop Hendricken and was a couple years older. Let me just say, of all the boyfriends I have re-connected with from my younger days, it has yet to be what we fantasize it might be. This visit with Eugene was very awkward to say the least. Anyhow… we spent one day touring downtown San Francisco and the other in Napa Valley. So many stories from this short visit.

On my second to last day before heading to the jungle in Hawaii for the first time, Rick and Elise take me out on one more road trip to see the sights slightly beyond San Fran.

This was a great time for catching up with a good friend as well as preparing myself mentally for what may lie ahead. Though to be honest, nothing could have prepared me for my time at Kalani.


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