Painted Church- Big Island 2009

The “Painted Church” located on Mauna Loa since 1902, in Captain Cook on Painted Church Road. One of my favorite things to explore when traveling is churches, does not matter what denomination, I am always mesmerized. Looking at the outside of the church you could never expect to experience what you might see when you walk through the doors.

I have never visited a painted church before, I had no idea what to expect. The colors and the detail, I could not help but want to photograph every inch. I was amazed to learn that none of the paintings have been restored or touched up in any way since the church was painted by Father Valghe. The art work was a way of breaking the language barrier between the foreign born priest and the local Hawaiian’s.

If you are on the Big Island and in the Captain Cook area, be sure to check out the Painted Church. You will not regret it!


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