Evening Rain Farm, Big Island- 2012

These photos mark a day in May of 2012 I had the pleasure of hanging out and cooking with a good buddy and friends at a sustainable farm in Pahoa, Hawaii. It is located on the Big Island near a big Papaya Farm by the name of Evening Rain Farm.

Almost all the food you see pictured in these photos is from the farm. We did purchase some cheese and rice to include in the meal, everything else we gathered from the farm.

For me, this was a culinary dream outside of the pure pleasure of bonding with like minded creative and talented people my good buddies Brown John, Stacey and Scott. John is not pictured

As you can see from the photos where we are is somewhat primative compared to modern standards, which made it that much more fun. You truly have a connection to the food you are preparing to eat. Creative juices flow like the water falling from Rainbow Falls in Hilo after a good rain.

In the first photo there is Casava Toasts with Brie and Roasted Garlic, second photo is Roasted Apple and Pumpkin with a Butter lettuce, third photo is Green Beans with grilled Eggplant and Local Tomato, the last photo shows our homemade quiche in a breadfruit crust, with a salad tossed in Avocado Dressing along with the Roasted Pumpkin and Apple, all served on a Banana Leaf…. No extra dishes to wash and we ate with our hands and coconut shell spoons.

This dish was one of my favorites that I made, using fresh coconut milk, cream and shaved coconut, with rice and mango…. So delicious. The last photo is the other half of his Hale as they call it in Hawaii. After our meal we were blessed by music played and sang by both Scott and Stacy. Such a magical day this was.


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