In August of 2013, I visited Cuba for the first time ever with my daughter. It was before America loosened up its policy for Americans to travel there. She flew here to Grand Cayman where I was between jobs and we flew from GC. I remember how nervous we both were that she would be questioned on her flight home. She even left items she bought behind with me to bring when I came back to the States. I chose to leave her pack of cigars behind while packing boxes I was shipping home, experiencing a fear of being caught. Ashlyn was quite unhappy with me for this and I likely would have been fine as they really did not go through my things all that much.

Ashlyn and I had a great time exploring and hunting down spots she wanted to visit while in Havana. One of those places being La Bodeguita, a bar that was frequented by Ernest Hemingway and opened in 1942 originally as a convenience store that evolved to the popular tourist attraction it is today. We loved visiting this place, live music was playing when we arrived, fresh mojitos being made 15-35 at a time. So much character and history everywhere you looked. Ashlyn even left her mark on the bar I can only imagine the millions whom have sat here and felt the energy this place gives you and leaves you with.


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