El Castillo, Costa Rica-2014

February 14, 2014, I left Grand Cayman for the second time and to be honest I never thought I would return here again especially after all I went through before leaving. Previous to Grand Cayman, I was working on Little Cayman. I sold my car and moved away from the life I was building on... Continue Reading →

San Francisco- The in between- 2009

The in between, you gotta love it. At least I do. This was the second half of my in between from leaving Cayman in June of 2009 to my new adventure in Hawaii beginning in August. When booking my flight to the Big Island it was cheaper for me to book two different flights. Also... Continue Reading →

Painted Church- Big Island 2009

The "Painted Church" located on Mauna Loa since 1902, in Captain Cook on Painted Church Road. One of my favorite things to explore when traveling is churches, does not matter what denomination, I am always mesmerized. Looking at the outside of the church you could never expect to experience what you might see when you... Continue Reading →

Coming Out…of the Kitchen

I was in ballet by 3 years old, beauty pagents by 14 and modeling from 15 till I became pregnant at 19. Kindergarten to the day I graduated high school I was bullied by my peers. At home, I was yelled at by the man who raised me when anyone honked their horn, whistled or... Continue Reading →

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