Marley Museum, Trenchtown, Jamaica 2008

A visit to Kingston, Jamaica would not be complete without a visit to one of the places Bob Marley lived in Trenchtown. At the time I visited here, they told us the family still made music in the studios here. The tour of the house was cool. The girl who gave the tour sang for us throughout. In one of the rooms I swear I felt Bob’s presence, the space I was standing in got cool and I became covered in goosebumps. Was it him or someone else? In 1976, there was a failed assassination on Bob two days before the Smile Jamaica concert. The bullet holes can still be seen and Mr Marley still played.  I learned a lot about Marley and I enjoyed my visit here, though I was disappointed at the food they were serving from the cafe. Burgers??? I ended up at a vegetarian cafe down the road.


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