#MeToo and bullying…

#METOO is not just from those being accused now. A bigger issue I feel here needs to be addressed… This is still happening and what are we going to do about it. We must find the strength to speak.

A Cooking Gypsy

I kept quiet pretty quiet during this time, though I did feel a rage of anger deep inside me. You might ask why am I bringing this up now almost a year later? Earlier this week during my morning walk, a man in his car driving to work decides to pull over and jack off while watching me walk, at 7am on a busy public road. Talk about mortified, never mind past memories of similar assaults flashing back.

As a single 50 year old woman in the dating scene, I am also disgusted with the amount of men I have dated who think our bodies are belong to them by the second date. That even though I make it clear I am not after a sexual relationship, they still find ways to try to justify having sex, or they make inappropriate passes at you trying to convince you it is…

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Days like today….

Days like today... I wish I didn't exist. Not a suicidal thought. Just a thought passing through my mind. It has been almost four months since I worked regularly. Three months since I received a paycheck. Friends I thought I had are no longer. Days like today I ask myself what the fuck and why?... Continue Reading →

Meet Miss Food Police

Miss Food Police's mission is to share how I transformed my attitude with food and how what I eat has taught me the importance of a real whole food lifestyle. My overall health would not be what it is today without this awareness. As a woman whose earliest memory of having an eating disorder was... Continue Reading →

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