Good Morning Kalani…

I woke up to an array of bright and exquisite colors this morning after arriving to the magical sound of coqui frogs and the dark of night, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible beauty that filled my eyes and heart. The grounds are full of trees, flowers and other plants. Everything is so green, everyone is so friendly and kind. I found this place in a book “Work Your Way Around the World” before landing my job on Grand Cayman.

This is the backside of a Budda lying down over looking the pool area

Grand Cayman was an incredible experience and a time I will never forget. Full of so many life lessons I had yet to learn and tools to carry with me as I work to fulfill my dreams. I must say looking back now, I am pretty sure the 19 year old that was forced to grow up so fast, resurfaced in the 39 year old who moved to GC. I learned about dating, drinking and staying up late. For the first time in my life the only person I was responsible for was me, not really sure I knew how to handle it. Working for someone else was proving to be a struggle as well as relationships amongst my fellow co-workers. I had been involved in a toxic relationship I was having a difficult time breaking away from. For me, I was drinking too much and booze was everywhere. Hard to break away from, especially with my emotions being what they were there in the end. I was craving connection and spirit. My reason for heading to Hawaii, besides checking out this place never left my mind.

This is the entrance to Kalani. Not just anyone can enter “the bubble”

For the first time in years I have a roomate, her name is Katherine, she is an artist with a beautiful spirit. This is not her first time at Kalani. There is a blank journal on my bed with a note welcoming me. Tara is a volunteer who offered to be my buddy and show me around Kalani along with being assigned my team leader in the kitchen.

Photo of me and my roomie Katherin as well as Stitch the dog
This is a swing that was at the Point, every morning I visited this swing and often during the day. I loved this swing so much.

After visiting what is known as “The Point” to embrace all I was experiencing and watch the sunrise. I walked the road we had driven up the night before, to the pebbled path up to the Lani. Everyone I met on the path to breakfast was so loving and welcomed me with hugs. I sat at a table of about 12-18 people for breakfast. So much food to choose from: so fresh, colorful, healthy and delicious. The conversation, the laughter, the infectious energy and the individual personality of each person I met was invigorating. The views, the smells, the sounds, awakening all the senses to point you feel as if you are in heaven.



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