Repeating the same cycle…

During this time of change in my life I am doing a lot of self-reflection. We often hear how patterns are repeated in our lives until we learn the lesson being taught or better yet to finally make the change being called to you. As I work to find my voice and awaken my inner passion, I have recently been shown I am being given the chance to break the pattern and make my passion a reality. May 31, 2010, I wrote about some of the very same things I am going through today. Recognizing some of the same patterns I continue to repeat. Making choices based on emotion or because the path laid out keeps me in my comfort zone. I wrote about the fact I know I am working against my intuition and myself. I keep thinking if it shows up as being easy that maybe that’s the path best taken, when actually it shows up to tempt you take you off your path. I cannot help but to imagine if I had begun working towards my passion then: Would my book/books be written? Would I be giving Seminars all over the world about changing our relationship with food and the effects of sugar and industrialized food to our bodies? Would I be living the life of the person I was created to be? I am choosing to accept now that maybe it wasn’t the time for me to step up to my purpose and to be grateful for the paths I did choose. Grateful for moments like these when the passion that burns inside me waiting to be released into the world has been there all along. Time for me to stand up, stop repeating the same patterns, make the changes needed, face my fears and move forward… My wish for you all is you are able to find the passions that lie within you and wake your sleeping lion


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