With knowledge comes power and the detox begins

I may have walked out questioning the $315 I just spent and the 3 month detox program I was about to begin, but I was also excited about what the results could be. During my visit I learned my body was overloaded with a bad bacteria or fungus called Candida albicans and this was what was causing a lot of my symptoms. Once I got I home I began to research Candida and was amazed to find I had likely been living with this nasty fungus all my life. We all have it, but when there is an over growth of it, it can cause symptoms of all kinds of stuff. Hence a lot of the inconclusive results from going to the Doctor.

Real quick, I just want to state… this is my experience and I am not a medical doctor nor an herbal one. All I know is after I did this detox for 3 months as well as the supplements, it changed my life. I have not taken any meds unless I was truly sick(in need of an antibiotic) or it was pain medicine. My size has gone no larger than a 12 and no smaller than an 8. My body gives me signs when I am going into Candida overgrowth, which basically means I am eating too much sugar or drinking too much and usually at a size 12 as well. I do not weigh myself, as a recovering food addict stepping on a scale is like taking a drink. I am not perfect, life does get to me at times and I don’t take care of myself, or I work jobs that brings stress which brings unhealthy eating.

Back to the detox… so for three months I needed to stay away from:

yeast, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, caffine, condiments, dairy (local eggs permitted), refined grains (flours), white rice, any meat/poultry that is not organic and limit to 3oz per day, all fruit (too much natural sugar) with the exception of granny smith apples, lemons and limes, green peas, corn, beets, sweet potato, irish potato, idaho potato, carrots(small amount), Irish potato, farm raised fish, processed food, artificial sugars, peanuts and careful with others they carry a lot of molds , (fresh raw almonds are best, if not fresh roast yourself) I was allowed Ezekiel Bread and Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids

My supplements consisted of Oregano oil, grapeseed extract, Candida Cleanse, Ultimate Flora (probiotic), Cleanse More (natural laxative), 5-htp and Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 Blend

Yes it was tough at times, especially giving up coffee, but I had done so much research after leaving the health food store I had the motivation to keep going. I wanted to feel healthy. I cannot tell you how many compliments I got about how healthy I looked, my hair, my skin, my eyes… I lost weight, but I honestly have no idea how  much. Getting healthy was my focus at the time and no longer stepping on scale, if I was to guess I was likely around a size 14 to start and a 10-12 by the time I was done. I felt amazing, the cool part was I learned so much about the foods I wasn’t allowed to eat and why during the three months, some I never went back to. Others when I tried to introduce them back if my body didn’t like it, it let me know, therefore giving me a reaction to relate it to if I was to ever eat it again.

I have never gone back. I don’t diet and I know how to manage candida overgrowth. I pick my poisons, I don’t count calories or think about how much I eat. My body continues to let me know when it doesn’t like something or I have eaten too much crap. Keeps me from eating the crap. To my current knowledge I am a healthy soon to be 50 year old going through peri-menopause. I am 5’11 and wear a size 8. I do currently work as a pastry chef so I am on my feet and moving at all times while working. Additional to that I walk nightly for 1-2 hours. I do not wear make up or use lotions on my face. I actually use rose water to wash. Life and health is good


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