Keeping it Real…

First let me say, Happy New Year!!! I also apologize for my lack of entries as the year came to a close. I have had a difficult time finding a focus or my true voice when it comes to this blog and then throw in the fact the last two weeks have been on holiday overload.

I started this blog 2016,  in an attempt to share my journey since my daughter left for college and I sold my business to move to Grand Cayman back in 2007. The goal was to share my travels before my 10 year anniversary since leaving. As you can tell it never happened. Fast forward to my return from a vacation in Greece and making the choice to start writing in the blog again. I have bits about travel, a few recipes, parts of my personal journey and a letter to Oprah, but nothing has set my fingers ablaze yet. I am seeking the part of me I need to share in order to grab your attention. What is it that is going to bring you back to my page to read more, to make a comment or share with your friends. Through many walks on the beach, conversations with friends and search self for the gift I have been given, my true passion, the one thing that has always been there and sets me on fire. What is that passion? It’s food… but not in the way you might think. Yes. I have made a career out of being a chef or baker, yet that fact is not the true root of my passion with food.

If I was to try to put it into words, my passion for food itself, stems from it being a whole food, minimally processed. If you do buy something processed or packaged then know the ingredients in what you are buying. There is so much mis-information and confusion out there in regards to food, especially in the US. I believe “they” want you be sick, it keeps everyone in business. This time of year truly frustrates me because people go on these crazy fad diets instead of making life changes and educating themself about the food they put into their body. There is plenty of scientific evidence that shows the introduction of processed foods into our culture has brought about an increase in heart disease, cancer and the addition of diabetes. As well as plenty of evidence that shows with the addition of plant based foods you can heal yourself of chronic diseases. It frustrates me that this knowledge is constantly brushed under the rug, even with all the evidence.

I am a recovered compulsive eater/bulemic/anorexic, I have suffered from PTSD, suicidal thoughts, depression, eczema, digestive issues, symtoms of carpel tunnel and rheumetoid arthritis. I have weighed as much as 245lbs. I no longer weigh myself but am currently wearing a size 8, I am 5’11. I will soon turn 50 years old and am currently taking no medications, nor do I experience any symtoms of the above. I do take a few supplements that help to balance my internal flora/bacteria as well as 5-htp. I speak from experience when it comes to taking processed food out of my life and paying more attention to how food effects my body. I am more mindful of the food I eat, how it makes me feel and in my next entry I will begin to explain. Please at anytime feel free to ask any questions.




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