Bullying… It needs to stop!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned I was bullied in school. This is a copy of a post I posted on Facebook in response to a post about bullying. There is a lot of talk about bullying and stopping it. You don't hear a lot about how to heal it and why there is... Continue Reading →

With knowledge comes power and the detox begins

I may have walked out questioning the $315 I just spent and the 3 month detox program I was about to begin, but I was also excited about what the results could be. During my visit I learned my body was overloaded with a bad bacteria or fungus called Candida albicans and this was what... Continue Reading →

Keeping it Real…

First let me say, Happy New Year!!! I also apologize for my lack of entries as the year came to a close. I have had a difficult time finding a focus or my true voice when it comes to this blog and then throw in the fact the last two weeks have been on holiday... Continue Reading →

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