Dear Oprah…You are selling pre-packaged soup and sides???

Wow… I must tell you I was shocked the other day when I turned on my television and saw you are selling soups and sides with your name on it in the supermarkets. I cannot even begin to describe to you how disappointed I am.

You are a powerful woman, when you speak people listen, in this world today, what you endorse people buy. It crushes me to see you have any kind of food product on the shelves in the supermarket at all. First you do not need the money, come on…seriously…. and second as a woman who has a show like Super Soul Sunday where you promote spirituality, wellness and protecting the earth, you should not be selling a nutrition less, pre-prepared product sold in packaging, which is also shipped in packaging, so on and so forth….

I have watched you all the years you have been on television Oprah and the one thing that stands out to me is your battle with weight. All the diets you have been on. There was a time in my early 30’s after changing my diet for my body, I wrote you a letter offering to help you do the same. Yeah, I chickened out and never sent it. Yet here I am about to turn 50 years old and since then my weight has not fluctuated more than 15lbs. I am a recovered compulsive eater/bulimic/anorexic as well as a woman who has made a career out of being a baker and a chef. I currently am taking no medications and have no known ailments. At the age of 29, when I decided to take control of my body and stop being a guinea pig to the medical industry, I was on Vioxx (now off market) and Effexor. I was also going to various doctors where they could not get any decisive results from my tests. I was even tested for rheumatoid arthritis and nothing was conclusive. I was also seeing chiropractor to help relieve the pain of the said carpel tunnel I might have as well.

I am a healthy woman… I do have some issues due to my past, at times I deal with moments of PTSD. I also am peri-menopausal so my emotions tend to be all over the place. Yet I do know what I need to do to assist in balancing those emotions. I am not a vegan nor am I a vegetarian. I DO pay attention to what I eat and where it comes from, as well as what it does for my body. Yet not always. I am human, I am not perfect. As a recovered eating disorder pro, I know what I have to do to avoid relapse. No different then an alcoholic only my battle is food, something we need to survive.

Oprah, you should be promoting organic farms. Put your name on their produce. I think it has been proven processed food cannot replace whole food, especially not in a nutritional sense. I have lived a nomadic lifestlye for the past 10 years and you cannot imagine what I have witnessed of my fellow Americans or people I have visited in other countries who have been influenced by Western society.

I encourage you Oprah to take your product off the shelves. It’s nutritional value is small and it’s impact on our earth and fellow humans … huge.

I challenge you Oprah to see the reality of what I am taking about and to recognize and do something about it. Maybe even invite me into your life to see if I can help you. I appreciate your time.



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