Sultry Santorini Part 2

Day two in Santorini, I woke up pretty early. There was guests on the patio as early as 2 am. The poor guys slept on the chairs. Another girl showed up around 5am, Isabella, she and I struck up conversation and made plans to see the volcano and crater together. Trip two down the 587 steps to the Old Port.


I almost didn’t do the trip to the volcanos crater and the hot springs, but I am glad I did. Isabella in her early 20’s was a great companion, she is from Brazil, very smart and traveling on her own. We ordered a sandwich to take away, shared watermelon juice and Santorini’s fried tomato fritters, Domatokeftedes, before getting on the boat. I discovered while in Greece, that with the exception of these, fritters are anything that is coated in batter and fried. Slighty different then the fritter I think of. They were quite delicious and came with a yogurt sauce.

Santorini’s Famous Tomato Fritters

Boat ride to the crater was nice, weather was perfect. Walk to the crater was long and hot. Having Isabella to talk to helped to make the walk pass quickly. I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii near the volcano, so it was cool to see another and how this one was in some ways the same, yet so different. Completely surrounded by water. Once we left the crater we went to the hot springs. My first dip in the Mediterranean Sea…. Burr it was cold, you had to swim to the spring. The water was more warm than hot. Very charming area to visit with a church and a few inhabitants

Posting for now… will return to continue.


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