Finding my direction…

This past week has been full of a lot of thought and reflection. My last blog really triggered something inside me, especially fear. Questioning how much about me do I share? Knowing full well sharing my journey with others allows me to heal further and hopefully gives someone else strength in knowing there is a place of peace.  I want to keep things light in the way I also share my travels, photos and recipes, for you to know all you need is you. I want people to see healing and recovery is possible. And no I don’t have the house with a white picket fence, or the perfect husband. I have chosen a nomad life style where I allow the rhythms of life and the flow of the universe take me where I need to be.

I have found that when I sit down at my computer to write I don’t always want to write what I think I should be writing about. For instance, I haven’t finished writing about Santorini yet nor the rest of my trip to Greece. I also haven’t posted the recipe I said I would, due to the fact I have no photos to accompany it. Excuses right? Anyhow, I am going to write as I feel in the moment. I will keep things categorized. Please at anytime, feel free to ask any questions, seek further cooking instructions or seek advice. It’s a new week and I feel ready share. I feel ready.



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