Sultry Santorini Part 2

Day two in Santorini, I woke up pretty early. There was guests on the patio as early as 2 am. The poor guys slept on the chairs. Another girl showed up around 5am, Isabella, she and I struck up conversation and made plans to see the volcano and crater together. Trip two down the 587... Continue Reading →

Fail Proof Muffin Mix

I have used this easy fool-proof muffin mix for many, many years. I want to say I started using it when working at Nathan's Deli. I was around 26. It was my first baking job where he gave me full freedom to express my talents. I even had a stand display case for my cakes.... Continue Reading →

A Word about the Holidays

With Thanksgiving this week I cannot help but to share my thoughts on the upcoming holidays. Understand, I can count on one hand how many times I have been home during this time since leaving in 2007. I don't watch a lot of TV, nor is the ┬ánews media a huge influence in my life.... Continue Reading →

Finding my direction…

This past week has been full of a lot of thought and reflection. My last blog really triggered something inside me, especially fear. Questioning how much about me do I share? Knowing full well sharing my journey with others allows me to heal further and hopefully gives someone else strength in knowing there is a... Continue Reading →

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