Sultry Santorini

Santorini, Santorini, Santorini… Marvelous, beautiful Santorini. Anytime I told someone I was going to Greece and to visit the islands, the question was asked… Are you going to Santorini? Yes, I am going to Santorini. I almost felt obligated to, especially after chosing the Cyclades as the islands I would visit. I will stay here two nights.

My flight was scheduled for 7am out of Athens, so was up by 4am in order to have plenty of time to take bus to airport. Mind was blown as to how close the hostel was to Syntagma Square after getting so lost my first day there…Ahh well, blame it on jet lag. Everything went quite smoothly, I was at my hotel in Santorini by 8:45am. Another great choice I made in accommodations. I got myself checked in, had a cup of coffee, chatted with the host then went off to find some fresh juice and wander until my room was ready. I didn’t find the juice, but I did find the 587 steps down to Thira’s Old Port, where I induldged on my most amazing meal yet. This was truly the first full meal I had eaten since I started this journey and it was breakfast. I had a fresh watermelon juice and a veggie omelet made with eggplant, zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, herbs, onions and peppers. Plus the yummiest bread I have eaten in ages.

Seaside seating for breakfast at its best!

After breakfast I explored the area a bit, snapped a few photos and took the lift back up to the top instead of the steps. I must admit I was quite nervous about it and was hoping someone would sit with me. Never happened and turned out to not be as bad as I thought. Once I got up to the top I ended up in one of those places where the fish eat the dead skin off your feet. For $15 why not, my feet need all the help they can get. It was a fun experience, I decided to do it along with a family of four. The dad went first. It was relaxing and felt great. I am very ticklish and I survived.


Time to head back to the hotel or so I thought. I got lost for at least an hours time from here. No one had any idea where I was going and kept giving me the wrong directions. After finding myself in complete total frustration to the point of full on tears, I went into a hotel to ask for help. He told me to relax, I should be happy I am in Greece. He was pretty handsome too, wish I wasn’t in such a state. He called me a taxi that wanted to charge me $15…. He accepted $10, very unhappily. All the while 5 other people in van, the man was making plenty and did not have to drive me far. Fare from the airport was cheaper. Anyhow… happy to be back. I check into my room, relax a bit, unpack, shower and then head back out to see the Akrotiri Archeological site. I only have 2 days no time to waste…


After grabbing a most delicious vegetarian falafel in a cypriot pita with tomato, lettuce, onion and a yogurt mint sauce…. 3euro. I grabbed a bus to go see Akrotiri. It was incredible, mind blowing to think it was abandoned and buried by ash from a volcano around 1627BC. Excavation began in 1967, the ash from the volcano has kept everything well preserved. No human remains have been found here, they guess the site was abandoned prior to eruption. A must see if you are ever in Santorini. From here I wandered over to see the Red Sand Beach, after all I have been on white, pink, green, black, grey and now red.

Red Sand Beach, Santorini, Greece

Plan is to stop at winery on the way back and watch the sunset, but the bus driver did not stop for me. He was not the friendliest, even smoked while he drove. I ended up at this gorgeous place to have a glass of wine and watch the sunset. Incerdible way to end the day!



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