Well another year has passed…

This week in my Yahoo email I received a renewal notice for my blog page, ya know, the one I have not written on in about a year. I debated on whether or not to allow it to renew, cancel or allow the 5 days pass and change my mind. The renewal charge showed up in my email, the 5 days passed and I didn’t cancel… Time to start writing again, wouldn’t you say?

I know why I have started this blog and I think I know what I am doing in starting the whole process but I have no idea how to set up a nice blog page. Bear with me here as we will be going through some growing pains together as I figure out how to do this.

I am currently still on Grand Cayman. November will mark 3 years since I returned and also be the longest I have stayed anywhere since I began this journey in 2007. Two weeks ago, I got back from an amazing three and a half week trip to Greece. Hurricane Irma gifted me an extra week, I was only supposed to be gone for two and a half weeks. I stayed on four islands Santorini, Sikinos, Milos and Naxos. I also spent time in Athens at the beginning and at the end of my trip. My first true solo planned vacation in a very long time. All the places I have been have been to work or visit someone. A trip like this for me was long overdue. I needed a game changer and this was it.

I work at Paperman’s Coffeehouse as a baker/chef. I worked for Paperman’s when I first moved here in 2007. In 2009 he laid me off after 2 years and some serious issues between us. He spoke with me about returning after running into me at a food show in 2015. During the first years I was with him, it was an adjustment period for me. I had no idea how to live on my own and just take care of me. I didn’t know how to drink, to party or even date. I was figuring out who I was, was emotional as well as irrational at times and through that experienced a lot of hurt and misunderstanding about me. I grew a lot after I left Grand Cayman the first time, lots of life’s’ lessons along the way. I am good at my job and people love my food. But I don’t love my job. I am not happy there, I am not fulfilling my passion or even what truly makes me happy. I have allowed myself to become comfortable and stagnant in my life. Comfortable with the way things are instead of challenging myself and working towards what will make me happy. I know I am destined for more than this and deserve to discover what the universe has in store for me. My trip to Greece has taught me that. I am closer to loving myself completely, head to toe, inside and out! I am going to share my trip to Greece with you first. I think it will be a good place to start and then I will go from there.


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